Amanda Jordan

Amanda Jordan is a 23 year old country singer-songwriter, model and actress from Eastern Ontario.  She began singing as early as two years old and by age five, was performing live for events in and around Ottawa. Amanda recently moved to Nashville and is performing on Songbird Tours while following her dreams of being a songwriter and performer.

Amanda writes and performs songs from the heart that address many issues.   She has given her time and talent for many years to various charities and organizations.  She has performed for the Brockville Palliative Care Telethon, the CTV Cheo-Sick Children's Telethon in Ottawa, and she produced a Youth Charity Talent Concert , inviting talented youth from the community to perform in the beautiful Station Theatre in Smiths Falls.

She was fortunate enough to have Tony Leadman, head of the Discovery Channel,  co-host the event with her. The event was also captured by renowned photographer John Rowlands, .  The profits fromher event went to "Free The Children", "Open Doors Mental Health", and Neil Doef, a young boy in the community who suffered a spinal injury during a hockey game.   Neil participated in his wheelchair, as part of the summer Olympic Relay torch run where Amanda performed at the same time for the event.  A very touching moment followed a couple of months later when Amanda came to Neil's door to give him the money raised for spinal cord injury during her Youth Charity Talent Concert.   Neil showed his remarkable recovery and walked to the door to greet her.

Her songs for special causes have reached the hearts of many people.   “Got Your Back”  was written for a group of teens in Ottawa who suffer from Scoliosis.  Amanda performs each year for their charity fundraiser in Ottawa.

After meeting Major Nick Nicolas, a 70 year old veteran, and supporter-fundraiser for the "Boots 4 Pups" charity organization, Amanda was compelled to write the song "Carry You".  Boots 4 Pups train service dogs as companions for soldiers battling PTSD.  "Carry You" is a trying story of these soldiers and their battle living with PTSD.

Amanda was crowned Miss South Eastern Ontario, and travelled to Toronto in the fall of 2015 to compete in the Miss Teen Canada Pageant.  It's here where  Amanda performed "Carry You" live as part of the talent portion of the competition which touched the hearts of many in the audience.

During a trip to Nashville, Amanda was fortunate to perform at several places including on the cable TV show "Nashville Spotlight", at the "Wild Wing Cafe" and at open mic night at the famous "Bluebird Cafe".   While in Nashville she also filmed her first music video for her original song "Breathe Easy"

“Breathe Easy”, is a song about the importance of supporting friends when they are going through difficult times and struggling with mental illnesses such as depression.  These again are important issues for Amanda that she advocates through her music.  She also writes about the importance of healthy relationships in “Blindsided”,   or the difficulties of moving on after relationships come to an end in her song "Letting It Go Tonight” , which became her leadoff single to Canadian radio in 2014.  

Amanda's movie debut  saw her  cast as a singer in the movie "Killing Daddy", which is playing internationally on the Lifetime Channel .  It was an honor at the time for 17 year old Amanda to have 2 of her songs featured in the film.  

She continues to perform live in and around Eastern Ontario including an opening slot for Howie Hooper in May at the Grass Roots Festival in Ottawa.   Amanda was chosen to showcase at the 2016 Country Music of Ontario conference in Toronto.

Amanda continues to write many songs and has just finished recording two new songs with CCMA producer of the year,  Jason Barry.  She will be releasing her next single in the summer of 2019. She showcased at the CMAOs and at the Diamonds in The Rough, and The Red Dot Ole On The Spot songwriting competition during the week of the CCMAs in London and in Saskatoon in 2017 and 2018. She was invited to perform in a Juno affiliated event at the House of Targ in Ottawa in March 2017. Amanda has written with Tenille Arts, Phil Barton, Jason Matthews, Caeland Garner, Abram Dean, Dan Ross, and Trey Bruce in Nashville. In 2018 Amanda's original "Silverado Run" was selected as one of the top ten in the country category in the Canadian Songwriting Competition. In February 2018 was selected as one of six from across Canada to open for Brett Kissel, in Sudbury, on his latest tour.

Whether it be performing or writing, supporting special causes, or getting in front of the camera, Amanda Jordan is a treasure of talent that captures the hearts of many.